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I've travelled a bit....I've been to South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Eastern and Central Europe, but until just recently, I hadn't even been to the historic city of York, just an hour by train from Sheffield, where I live.

It seems to me I am not at all unique in having seen so little of my own nation. It was easy to be blown away by the multitude of sensory experiences encountered when visiting India, for example, or to be struck breathless by New Zealand's dramatic scenery, but what about the little island where I have lived for the last 28 years?

So now I am trying to fulfill a new years resolution I made back in January 2005: To see more of Great Britain.

And why not? This country has a long and complex history. It has a variety of beautiful rural scenery. It has lively multi-cultural cities and people from all corners of the world. It has rich culture: music, arts, drama, etc. And more to the point it is what has made me the person I am.

I have so much of the world left to see. i have barely scraped the surface of Asia, a continent that fascinates me. Finances and the practicalities of being a student nurse will put a stop to much overseas travel for the near future. So now is the time to explore the world on my doorstep.

My Doorstep:

My Doorstep

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